Walter White voiced the monsters in Power Rangers

'My power is greater than yours - graaawr!' the actor said.

Bryan Cranston, the actor who plays the sinister yet beloved Walter White in Breaking Bad, revealed something very special about himself yesterday when he appeared on The Colbert Report.

Walter White is also the voice of the monsters in Power Rangers. Yep.

"I did a lot of the voiceovers … I was one of those monsters who said [puts on evil voice] 'you cannot defeat me, my power is far greater than yours. Grraaaawwr!'" he said.

Check it out from 1.25:

Now, this is mind-blowing stuff, so we did a little digging. And it's true. On Cranston's IMDB page, he's credited as the voice of this guy (and no, Power Rangers has not aged well):

Cranston's appearances are uncredited, and he did say in the interview he did "a lot of the voiceovers", so there's no telling how many of these giant puppets he voiced. We'd like to think a lot.

Actually, Cranston had a pretty good run as a voice actor before he broke bad as Heisenberg, appearing in, say, this guy in Lilo and Stitch: The Animated Series, or as Jim Gordon in Batman: Year One, with parts in Madagascar 3 and Kung-Fu Panda 3, too.

So there you have it. Bryan Cranston: Malcom's Dad, Walter White, and Snizard, enemy of the Power Rangers.

The final episodes of Breaking Bad will be availble in Ireland online through Netflix from August 12.

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