This photographer has taken a picture of a Syrian father that sums up the migrant crisis

You may have already seen this powerful photograph of a family of migrants arriving by boat to Greece - it has gone viral since being featured in the New York Times.

Taken by freelance photographer Daniel Etter at around 4.30am, it shows a family of Syrian migrants arriving on the Greek Island of Kos. The father, Laith Majid from Deir Ezzor, clutches his two children to him, crying, as he lands on the beach with his wife after a perilous journey across the Med

The photo has been shared widely online and has generated a huge emotional response, with many saying that this one photo instantly humanises the largely anonymous plight of migrants in the region.

Etter told Spiegel Online the family of four came ashore with eight others in a small rubber dingy designed for just three people.

“After more than two hours of driving the boat had lost air, water had leaked into it, the refugees were soaked when they arrived at the shore. They were then completely relieved to have arrived safely,” he said.

"In that moment it all came at them together, the joy of having done it; the love for their family; the grief over what had happened.”

The family then left to be processed by the Greek authoriities.

“Whether they make it, I don’t know,” Daniel said.

By Ciara Flaherty

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