Spearfisherman confronted by huge shark and POKES it on the head

Brett Levington came face-to-face with one of nature’s most fearsome killers yesterday and lived to tell the tale.

Brett was underwater spearfishing off the coast of Cape Moreton, in Queensland, Australia with three friends, when suddenly out of the deep a Great White shark appeared.

Instead of trying to bolt for his life, the young Australian decided to poke the beast with the point of his spear in order to scare it off - and luckily for him, it worked!

Far from being shaken by the incident, Brett is actually “stoked” it took place.

* If you can’t view this Instagram post, you can view it here.

Brett said that he’d have been the shark’s dinner if it wasn’t for his spear.

“I think if I didn’t poke it with the speargun it would have had a little nibble,” Brett told ABC News.

“Looking into its eyes and its mouth was open an inch - I won't be forgetting that for a while.…

* If you can’t view this Instagram post, you can view it here.

“When I did that I saw its eye roll back into its head, that was pretty cool, I have seen that in all the movies. We were all screaming, we were all just more stoked that we had seen it.”

“I'm glad I saw it, it was a very unforgettable moment.”

We think it’s fair to say – Brett you're a bit of a madman!

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By Shaun Cronin

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