Mac Grianna caught in make-up blooper

It's the pursed lips at the start, the moment of shocked realisation in the middle and the 'Whaaaat?!' at the end that crack us up :)

RTE's Aengus Mac Grianna comes up against the unforgiving live camera…He went on to present the bulletin like the pro he is.

Aengus has a bit of form too, and he's not alone (scroll down for more classics)!

More caught-on-camera classics…

1. News reporter fails 2012...

2. News reporter has a go at an interfering passer-by...

3….NOT "live in DC" after all - nap time for one exhausted reporter:

4. It's not just news folk, you know...More than 10 million of us thank Bruce and Esther Huffman for wrestling with the camera on their new PC.

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