Hi-dilly-ho, neighborinos: Flanders is coming to Cork!

By Ciara Flaherty

We're sure the residents of the village of Ahakista are far better neighbours than one Homer J. Simpson.

Which is good news for Harry Shearer - the voice of Homer's long-suffering neighbour, Flanders - because he's going to be spending a lot of time there.

According to the Irish Sun. the 'Simpsons' voice actor has bought a holiday home in the West Cork seaside village after becoming a regular visitor to Ireland - his wife, Welsh singer Judith Owen, has a sister in Wexford.

Let's hope none of his new neighbours break out this classic.

This is the one they should sing instead. Altogether now! "Hens love roosters..."

Shearer provides the voices for many of the beloved show's characters including Principal Skinner, Smithers, Mr Burns and Kent Brockman.

Harry is apparently good friends with Graham Norton who also has a home in the area.

Let's get practicing our best Simpsons' impressions, everyone!


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