Panti Bliss postpones opening of new Dublin bar amid fire safety concerns

By Greg Murphy

Panti Bliss has been forced to postpone the opening of her new bar in Dublin amid fears over fire safety.

Panti, the drag persona of Pantibar owner Rory O'Neill, had hoped to open the new night spot, Penny Lane, around the corner from the popular Capel Street gay bar.

In an interview with RTÉ Radio One in January, Panti spoke about the new business.

"It is kind of a sister venue. It’s going to be different but we thought it would be nice if our regular customers recognised the connection."

She continued: "It's one of my favourite streets in Dublin, there's almost no chains apart from spar and AIB everything else is an independent business.

"There are four large hotels being built around there at the moment, lots of up and coming stuff.

"It's very diverse, we love working there and living there."

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Like many women of a certain age, 2 GREAT STRAND ST had become kinda invisible over the years. And over time, as her circle of friends got smaller and the neighbourhood changed as new younger people moved in, she left the house less and less till eventually she spent most days inside alone watching the soaps . But then one day, one of the newer neighbours - a gay fella who sometimes stopped by to dissect the latest shenanigans on Coronation St or Fair City - said to her… . "Gurl! You are still FABULOUS!!" .. and she remembered she was. . And when he then suggested she should come out with him and his mates some night, she surprised even herself by agreeing to. So she got a new look, had her hair done, put on some makeup, got out her jewellery box, and when she looked in the mirror she thought with a grin, "I *am* still fabulous!” . There was life in the old girl yet. . ..................... @s.harte has been Pantibar's manager for all its eleven years and he’s a man who loves a project. And he is now also my business partner in our new venture, and he has done an incredible job on it, and I can't wait for everyone to see the inside too. . . Pantibar's "new" neighbour, her somewhat more sophisticated older sister. The Melbourne to her Sydney. The crêpe to her pancake. The Adele to her Britney. The torte to her tart. The Bacall to her Parton. The syphilis to her chlamydia. And she will be very pleased to meet you. . . Soon . . P E N N Y L A N E . [coming soon] . #pennylane #pantibar #dublin1 #northsidelife

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The Sunday Business Post reports that she and her business partner Jay Bourke will now have to make changes to the new bar and go back to court.

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