Diageo announce plans to open up St James's Gate as new urban quarter

Diageo have announced plans to develop a new "St James's Gate Quarter" in Dublin.

They are looking to develop 12.6 acres of their brewing site in Dublin into residential property, as well as office and commercial space.

They say advances in technology mean they do not need as much space to keep up their brewing output.

Management at Diageo say it will develop Dublin's Liberties area into a dynamic modern community.

Dublin City Council has welcomed the announcement.

The City Council’s Chief Executive, Owen Keegan, said: "The plans are a major step in the rejuvenation of the Liberties area in accordance with the vision and objectives set out in both the recently approved City Development Plan and the Liberties Local Area Plan."

The area has been identified as a Strategic Development and Regeneration Area.

The City Council is also strongly supportive of the strategy to open up new streets and provide for a variety of homes which they say will "augment the unique Dublin character" of the area.

Mr Keegan said: "The City Council looks forward to working closely with Diageo in developing and realising the shared vision for this iconic area of Dublin City, including consultation with all stakeholders."

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