• Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

    Your drive to explore new territory is countered by uncharacteristic feelings of self-doubt today. An inner voice reminds you to be sensitive to other people's needs over your own. However, the advice probably won't prevent you from acting on a brilliant idea if you have the chance. Just remember to temper your desire for immediate action with kindness so you don't inadvertently hurt someone you love. Taking the high road sets the standard for everyone to follow.

  • Taurus Apr 21 - May 21

    You just might save the day by inventing the amazing plan that everyone has been dreaming about. Ironically, your stroke of brilliance could come at the very last minute. Your logic is sound today, even if it is unconventional and unexpected. Sharing your idea encourages others to lend their support to your solution. But don't be afraid to take charge now; assume a leadership role until you are sure that everything is running smoothly and can be left in the hands of someone who can take it to the next level.

  • Gemini May 22 - Jun 22

    You are flying at top speed today, and yet you still feel something weighing you down. The feeling of carrying too much baggage may be associated with an unpleasant memory that raises issues of self-doubt. However, you can't get very far as long as you are in denial. Thankfully, you can change everything by simply being more aware of your emotions and taking responsibility for your current actions. The dead weight could be dropped in an instant once you accept your past and move on.

  • Cancer Jun23 - Jul 23

    You want to express your emotional needs as forthrightly as possible today, and you expect people to sit up and take notice of your clarity. There might even be one particular person you hope to impress, prompting you to act impulsively in a manner that is completely out of character. Your spontaneous behaviour could attract the attention you seek, but maybe not in the way you prefer. Don't try so hard; just be yourself and don't worry so much about the outcome. Speak your truth and let the chips fall where they may.

  • Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23

    Helping others is a primary concern today, but you prefer to do it sight unseen while the Moon is still visiting your 12th House of Invisibility. Thankfully, you can accomplish something that means a great deal to someone close to you after the Moon's shift into your sign. You might not even realise what you did, but your generous actions could bring deep healing to a loved one. Fortunately, grandiose gestures aren't necessary; it's your intention that matters most.

  • Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23

    There is no reason to take the fall for someone else's erratic behaviour. If a colleague does something that catches you off guard today, just do your best to take it all in your stride. Luckily, unexpected twists and turns could open your eyes to a different way to do a routine task. It might seem like a reach at first, but you may discover that you're the only one who has been standing in the way of your success. Changing your perspective gives you new options.

  • Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23

    You might step away from the spotlight today because you know you're not in control of others with unpredictable Uranus in your 7th House of Relationships. You don't mind a bit of anonymity, but it might be time to re-examine your insecurities if you're uncomfortable with a lack of attention. Luckily, you could be more effective now using your talents to help someone else achieve their goals. There's no need to worry if you don't receive the credit you deserve today; the spotlight will return to you soon enough.

  • Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

    You might feel as if there's no way out of your previous commitments. You're willing to resign yourself to do what you said, even if you're unhappy with how things have developed. Thankfully, everything can suddenly flip as an ingenious idea lights up your brain like a flash of lightning. Prepare for positive change with cheerful optimism since your attitude can make as big a difference as anything else.

  • Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

    Fitting into the standard constraints of a traditional relationship is virtually impossible now that your emotions explode with brilliance in their own unique way. You have something very special to offer, so don't be too self-judgemental if your heart refuses to take orders from your head. Fortunately, those closest to you probably already know that your intentions are well meaning. If they can appreciate you for who you are, rather than who they want you to be, it should all work out. But first, you must learn to love yourself.

  • Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

    You are in direct touch with your feelings now as you attract highly emotional people into your orbit. You often avoid revealing too much vulnerability, but you might be destabilised enough today to open up to someone you trust. Exploring a tough issue gives you a chance to learn more about yourself. Luckily, a difficult situation can rapidly morph into a more pleasant one if you're willing to roll with the incoming waves. Let go of your expectations and embrace the unknown.

  • Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

    You might believe you're headed for a major conflict today, when out of the blue everything dramatically improves. Don't try to rein in anyone's behaviour because your fear of a negative outcome could actually coax it into manifestation. Thankfully, you have the power to sidestep an unnecessary dispute today if you remember that open conflict won't bring you any closer to your goals. Solve your current problems within your brilliant imagination before trying to affect positive change on the outside. The solution is within the grasp of your mind.

  • Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

    It could be safer than you think to jump into the abyss of the unknown today, as long as you trust that everything will work out for the best. Fortunately, you are able to gather the support you need now as long as you establish clear priorities. Nevertheless, your creative visualisations only take you so far. The power of positive thought still needs to be reinforced with a concrete plan and solid effort. You can turn a long shot into a sure bet if you're willing to work for what you want.

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