• Aries Mar 21 - Apr 20

    You may still be surfing slightly ahead of the cosmic wave but the tidal backwash finally catches up with you today. You must set a sustainable pace at work or you might find yourself in over your head for the next few weeks. Even though this sounds counter-intuitive, your best strategy now is to slow down. Establish your priorities, map out your activities and then execute your plan with confidence.

  • Taurus Apr 21 - May 21

    You're humming a happy little tune now that you're feeling more laid-back. Although you have concrete goals in mind, you're not as concerned with reaching them today. Of course, certain details sometimes fall through the cracks but the surprises are at a minimum. It's as if you worked through the growing pains of a new project and you can finally settle into a manageable routine. But don't get too comfortable or complacent. It's one thing to appreciate the simplicity of life; it's quite another to quit reaching for the stars.

  • Gemini May 22 - Jun 22

    You tend to thrive on being really busy but it's not wise to wait for a reality check that tells you to slow down. However, you are known to move quickly when you dance the dance of communication. Whether you like it or not, you need to adopt a snail's pace now and commit to following through on those matters which are most important. Nothing is gained by frantically running around in circles. You will end up accomplishing more if you take on less.

  • Cancer Jun23 - Jul 23

    You're surrounded by people everywhere you go today, leaving you little time to pursue your personal agenda. Perhaps connecting with your peers takes on an even more prominent role in your life if you decide not to strike out on your own. You might even feel pressured by someone to join them in a project, task or even a fun adventure. Surprisingly, exploring your relationship to others can broaden your horizons on many fronts.

  • Leo Jul 24 - Aug 23

    It's not that everything needs to come to a complete standstill but there are warning signs you should take seriously. Analyse all the possibilities before blindly charging ahead with your ambitious plans. You can't just rush through your day without personally affecting others, especially those you love and those who love you. Stick to the tried and tested methods to keep everyone happy and save your creative brilliance for another time.

  • Virgo Aug 24 - Sep 23

    Sometimes you want to wait for everything to be perfect before allowing yourself to kick up your heels and have fun. In fact, your current circumstances may seem solid and stable enough for you to add some spontaneity and creativity into your life. But don't try to change so much all at once that you jeopardise your new high hopes before they even get off the ground. Believe it or not, you can mix things up without turning your life upside down.

  • Libra Sep 24 - Oct 23

    You prefer being the type of friend who always gives a kind word of encouragement but sometimes tough love is the best thing you can offer. If there's something you've been waiting to tell someone, this is an opportune time to tackle a difficult subject. Just because you have a stern message doesn't mean you can't be compassionate in your delivery. Don't second guess your inner voice when it comes to relationships; speaking from your heart demonstrates how much you care.

  • Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov 22

    You have a plethora of communication tools at your disposal now, enabling you to integrate your feelings into your daily life. Perhaps things really are settling down and you will have some time to think about the chaos you recently experienced. But don't be too hard on yourself while you are weighing and judging your behaviour. Being the best you can be is plenty enough for any human, including you.

  • Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec 21

    It's time to pull back on the reins of expansion and use your enthusiasm to accomplish as much as possible. Instead of planning for the future, plough the field that you are walking upon now. Take care of the business that is on your desk, not the business plans for next year's growth. Be fully present in the moment, whether you're dealing with home and family issues or professional matters. You won't go wrong as long as you have the courage to show up and be your authentic self.

  • Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan 20

    You may feel as if your emotions are settling down, but social dynamics could still be extremely confusing. There's nothing wrong with exhibiting caution but your feelings may rise so unexpectedly that they could catch you off guard. If you feel like you're losing your centre of gravity, stop and get your bearings. Once you are certain about your current position, you should be able to swing back into motion with no trouble at all.

  • Aquarius Jan 21 - Feb 19

    Unconscious fears and desires may be the source of very real feelings now. Even if you're in denial about what's bubbling up into your awareness, you have time to acclimatise to the new emotional landscape. Don't waste your energy trying to figure out why you're encountering so much melodrama. Instead, try to integrate the new information into your point of view. Keeping an open mind gives your imagination a chance to reveal new opportunities.

  • Pisces Feb 20 - Mar 20

    Something isn't quite right today but you can't put your finger on it. It might be one of those unknowable and elusive things that you may as well forget about trying to figure out. In the meantime, take a look at how your friends and associates are pushing your buttons. Although you can't shift the dynamics, you can become more aware of the emotional undercurrents. There's no need to make any sudden moves now; there will be plenty of opportunities for change later on.

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