Winter storm kills 12 on way to New York

In the US, a powerful winter storm which caused tornadoes in the Deep South and crippling blizzards in the Midwest is making its way through New York City today.

Heavy winds gusting up to 60 miles per hour are expected to hit the city.

Thousands of flights were cancelled yesterday across the US and the storm has been blamed for 12 deaths.

Officials in Indiana say a man and a woman were killed when the scooter they were riding went out of control on a snowy street on St Stephen's Day and they were hit by a pick-up truck.

Other deaths include a man checking on a disabled vehicle who was struck and killed in Pennsylvania and two people killed in crashes in Virginia.

The storm was dumping snow on parts of the north-east a day after it caused more than 1,600 flight cancellations and frustrated holiday travellers.

Despite the weather, no flights were delayed today in cities like New York, Philadelphia and Boston. The coast was seeing mostly cold rain, not snow.

The storm is expected to pass in the coming hours and drier conditions are already forecast for tomorrow.

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