Will this new utensil help in the fight against single-use plastic?

A new utensil designed to make it easier to scrape the last bits of food from any shape of container could also be a solution to using disposable cutlery.

The Morsel Spork is a multi-tool utensil which combines a full-sized fork, cutting edge and a spoon with a shaped edge to really get every last crumb.

Now the designers, Oregon-based Hadron Gear, have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 to get the product funded and off the ground.

Rewards, including the Morsel Spork, will ship to the UK and Ireland – with discounts for early pledgers.

As well as camping and festivals, the utensil could be used by people trying to avoid using single-use plastics given out with takeaway salads and the like.

“Morsel is a perfect eating tool for people trying to step away from a disposable culture,” co-founder Zac Rubenson told Press Association.

“Morsel is thick and tough, designed to last a lifetime, and because it’s so versatile it really does work in all eating situations.”

(Morsel Spork/Hadron Gear)

The asymmetric shape of the spoon means it can get into deep containers, tight corners and big bowls easily, according to the designers.

They have reported people hoping to use the utensil for everything from yoghurt cups to brownie batter.

One person has even spied an opportunity to use it as a tool for clay modelling, said Reubenson.

(Morsel Spork/Hadron Gear)

He co-designed the product with Alex Thomsen.

The two designers are so confident in their product they believe Morsel will easily hit the initial Kickstarter goal and generate enough funding and interest to catapult them into their stretch goals.

Morsel is made in the US.

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