WATCH: US will not certify that Iran is complying with nuclear deal

Key Points

  • President Donald Trump has refused to recertify the 2015 nuclear deal between the US and Iran.
  • President Trump has said Iran is under control of a fanatical regime and Iranian dictatorship's aggression continues to this day.
  • Iran is "world's leading state sponsors of terrorism" and can "sprint" to develop nuclear technology.

  • Iran has committed "multiple violations" of 2015 nuclear agreement.
  • Trump says Iran is not living up to the spirit of nuclear deal.
  • Administration slaps Iran's Revolutionary Guard with more sanctions for supporting terrorism.

Earlier: President Donald Trump is delivering a speech on the Iran nuclear accord, which he has repeatedly denounced as the worst deal in American history.

Mr Trump will not withdraw from the deal or reimpose sanctions, but he will say the pact is not in national security interests, US secretary of state Rex Tillerson has said.

The plan would allow Mr Trump to keep up his criticism of the deal, while also reassuring US allies that Washington will not walk away from it, at least not immediately.

In his speech, Mr Trump will notify Congress that he is "decertifying" the deal, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, arguing that while Iran may be complying with the letter of the agreement, the accord itself is not sufficient to be in US interests.

In remarks ahead of his address to a group of conservative voters, Mr Trump previewed his position by calling Iran "a terrorist nation like few others" and urged his audience to listen to the speech.


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