Watch these astronauts go on a spacewalk to fix part of the International Space Station

Two astronauts stepped foot outside the International Space Station (ISS) on Thursday to repair one of the satellite’s robotic arms.

Nasa’s Randy Bresnik and Mark Vande Hei are fixing Canadarm2 by replacing one of its two latching end effectors (LEE), which grab onto arriving shuttles and cargo.

This is the first of three spacewalks due in October, and as usual Nasa will be streaming it all live.

Astronaut Stephen K. Robinson anchored to Canadarm2 in 2005 (NASA)

This latest spacewalk was Vande Hei’s first, after arriving on the space station around three weeks ago.

“Congratulations, my friend, on becoming the 221st human to exit in your own personal spacecraft into the void of space,” Bresnik told him.

“That’s it for all of the tender moments you’ll get from me,” the veteran astronaut joked. “Now back to work.”


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