Venezuelan President Maduro sleeps in Chavez's crypt

Maduro, centre, celebrates his election victory earlier this year.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is known for his devotion to late leader Hugo Chavez – and admits he sometimes sleeps in the mausoleum where his mentor’s remains are kept.

Mr Maduro was Mr Chavez’s vice president and named by him as his successor before he died.

During the campaign for the April 14 election he narrowly won, Mr Maduro caused uproar when he said Mr Chavez came to him in the form of a little bird that flew around his head.

Now Venezuela’s president has reopened the issue of his use of Mr Chavez’s image.

During an act at the former military museum where Mr Chavez’s remains are kept, he said: “I sometimes come at night. At times, many times, I sleep here.”

He said he sometimes comes with a retinue. “We enter at night and we stay to sleep. At night we reflect on things here.”

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