US shooting victim's father sues deputy who did not enter school

The father of a student killed in a mass shooting at a Florida high school is suing the armed officer who stood outside the building as people were massacred within.

Andrew Pollack said that Scot Peterson, who was then a sheriff's deputy and the school's resource officer, is his main target in the wrongful death lawsuit filed in Broward County.

Mr Peterson was suspended without pay after the February 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He then resigned and retired.

Mr Pollack's daughter Meadow was among the 17 killed in the tragedy.

He says Mr Peterson could have entered the school, but instead "let all those people get murdered".

The lawsuit also names 19-year-old shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, the estate of Cruz's mother and the couple who took him in when she died.


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