UK strip club plan opposed for being too close to Richard III’s grave

A bid to open a new strip club is being opposed because it is too near the resting place of a former English monarch.

The proposed site in Leicester city centre is inappropriate due to its close proximity to Richard III’s tomb, a councillor has said.

Jagdeep Narll has sent in an application to the city council to open the sexual entertainment venue in Leicester, despite claims it would be a "particularly unsuitable location".

British Labour Councillor Patrick Kitterick has lodged objections to the application due to a combination of factors.

He said: "There are an increasing number of residents in the area, it’s not a deserted area of town anymore and there are a number of nurseries in the area.

"You are only a few hundred metres from the resting place of a former King of England.

"A number of residents in the area have contacted me to make the objection - it just shouldn’t be in an area of family nurseries."

The matter was due to be considered again on December 19 by the licensing committee but the meeting has been postponed.


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