UK Prime Minister shows signs of improvement in intensive care

UK Health Secretary Matt Hancock in Downing Street, London, as British Prime Minister Boris Johnson remains in hospital following his admission on Sunday with continuing coronavirus symptoms.Picture: Press Association.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has spent another night in intensive care but is showing signs of improvement.

It is understood the British Prime Minister is sitting up in bed and engaging with doctors.

However, he will not be part of emergency talks later to discuss extending restrictions in the UK.

Mr Dowden, the UK Culture Secretary gave an update on the UK Prime Minister’s health, saying the Boris Johnson is doing “reasonably well”.

Asked about whether the UK Prime Minister will be able to make a decision himself on the lockdown next week, Mr Dowden told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme: “He’s in a stable condition, he seems to be doing reasonably well, he was sat up and engaging with medical staff.

“But we have a well-established mechanism for the first minister Dominic Raab to take the Prime Minister’s place in chairing such meetings, he will chair Cobra and he will chair the relevant decisions. This is just about going through a proper process, that’s why we’re waiting for next week.”

Earlier this week the British Prime Minister was moved to intensive care after his coronavirus symptoms worsened.

The UK Government is under scrutiny about plans to transition out of the lockdown imposed this week.