This video from the British Labour campaign group Momentum has caused quite a stir

The Labour campaign group Momentum have posted a video showing five middle-class white people at a garden party discussing Jeremy Corbyn’s appeal to young people, declaring at the end “they just don’t get it, do they?”

The group said the video aims to shine a light on the perceived hypocrisy of older people who paid nothing for university and significantly less for their homes than would be possible today and then judging Labour-supporting young people for wanting those same things.

It goes without saying that not everybody agrees with the video, the style of which is common for Momentum.

But lots of people enjoy its sentiments.

But many have been pointing out that Corbyn’s son, Seb, is shadow chancellor John McDonnell’s chief of staff – while Andrew Murray, who worked on the Labour election campaign and is chief of staff to Unite the Union’s general secretary, has a daughter who works for Corbyn as an adviser.

Lord Prescott’s son David is also a former speechwriter for Corbyn.

It all makes that nepotism line a bit awkward.

Others feel the video attacks potential Labour voters, rather than the Tory Party Labour opposes.

Whatever your stance, it’s definitely got people talking.

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