This 'bromantic' moment between Barack Obama and Joe Biden may make you feel better about the US election

Barack Obama called for unity following Donald Trump’s US election victory as delivered his speech with Joe Biden beside him in the Rose Garden of the White House.

Apart from being a heartfelt speech, there was one moment between him and his Vice President people felt particularly grateful for – take a look:

As Obama tried to encourage supporters saddened by Trump’s victory not to lose faith he reminded them he had lost elections before.

Obama said: “I have lost elections before, Joe hasn’t”, to which Biden replied: “Remember, you beat me badly”.

In 2008, Biden ran for the Democratic nomination but didn’t make it past the first caucuses, with Obama eventually choosing him has his running mate.

[imgcap=Obama’s speech particularly encouraged America’s youth, who largely voted for his fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP) At a time when many are down-hearted by the result of the election, the light-hearted moment between the two outgoing statesmen had huge value for many.

Some felt 10 years younger. While others are worried about the lols they’ll no longer have. The word “bromance” was thrown around too… But this has happened a lot. And some think the memes of the Obama-Biden friendship will be the pair’s true legacy. Which memes you ask? Well there’s…

The one of them dancing

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The one of them running

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And sharing a drink together

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Or the one where they shared a moment

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Whether you’re an Obama-Biden fan or not, you can’t deny they’re certainly fans of each other…
Obama with hand on Biden's shoulder
Real friendships last forever (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)][/imgcap]

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