Theresa May: UK 'unconditionally committed' to maintaining Europe's defence despite Brexit

Britain remains "unconditionally" committed to the defence of Europe despite leaving the European Union, Theresa May has said.

Addressing British troops serving with the Nato mission in Estonia, the British Prime Minister said they stood ready to respond to any threat from neighbouring Russia.

"While we are leaving the European Union, as I have said many times, we are not leaving Europe so the United Kingdom is unconditionally committed to maintaining Europe's security," Mrs May said.

"Russia's continued aggression represents a growing danger to our friends here in Estonia as well as Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and our response must be clear and unequivocal.

"By stepping up Nato's deterrence and defence posture you are showing that we are equipped to respond to any threat that we face. You are showing that we are ready to do so."

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