Swiss parliament rampage man named

Swiss police have identified a man who killed 14 people before turning the gun on himself in an attack on a government building.

Friedrich Leibacher was armed with an assault rifle, explosives and went on the rampage in the Zug state parliament. Fourteen more people were seriously injured in the Switzerland's worst bloodbath on record.

Authorities say the 57-year-old was in conflict with local authorities because of a row he had had with a bus driver in Zug which then escalated into a vendetta against transport and justice authorities.

Leibacher, who wore a stolen police vest, stormed into a morning joint session of the state government and parliament, firing a standard-issue Swiss army weapon.

He then detonated a bomb before shooting himself dead, said Zug police chief Urs Hurlimann.

As MPs fell to the floor in panic and the injured screamed in pain, journalists who were covering the parliamentary meeting cowered behind their press desks for cover.

"The man strode through the whole floor, shooting at people," Swiss Telegraphic Agency reporter Dominik Hertach told Swiss television.

There was then an explosion, he said, and smoke filled the room. The force of the blast ripped doors off and shattered windows of the stately building near Zug's quaint old town and glistening lake.

Three members of the seven-member government were killed and two were seriously injured, including government president Hanspeter Uster, said government member Robert Bisig, who said he survived by diving behind a desk. Eleven lawmakers died.

The chamber was packed with 80 local MPs and all the government members, as well as journalists

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