Swedish couple hacked to death on Tobago

A Swedish couple was hacked to death in their holiday home in the Caribbean island of Tobago, police said today.

Robbery appeared to be the motive in the attack, which remains under investigation, Trinidad and Tobago police superintendent Nadir Khan said.

Anna Sundsval, 62, and Oke Olsoon, 73, were found with multiple slash wounds yesterday. Ms Sundsval died at the scene and Mr Olsoon at a hospital later.

A Trinidadian man was detained as a suspect but has not been charged, a police official in Tobago said.

The couple, who had visited the island for extended periods for years, arrived in Tobago on Sunday.

Trinidad, the most industrialised island in the Caribbean, has struggled with violence for years, with more than 400 murders so far in 2008. But its twin island, Tobago, is considered largely crime free, with only two others murders this year.

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