Spain terror attack victims identified

At least 14 people were killed in the terror attacks in Spain, and the names of the victims are beginning to emerge.

:: Bruno Gulotta

The 35-year-old Italian was on holiday in Barcelona with his partner and two children when the attackers struck, according to an account given to La Repubblica.

Mr Gulotta was a marketing and sales manager at Tom's Hardware and is understood to have been a resident of Legnano, north-west of Milan.

Tom's Hardware announced his death on its website and paid tribute to Mr Gulotta, saying that everyone who came into contact with him were impressed with his kindness and professionalism.

Bruno Gulotta (circled). Pic via Tom's Hardware website.

:: Elke Vanbockrijck

The 44-year-old Belgian, from the town of Tongeren, is understood to have been on holiday in Barcelona with her husband and two sons.

Ms Vanbockrijck was described as very committed by the president of the KFC Heur Tongeren football team, who said she was at the club nearly every day with her sons, who are aged 10 and 14, the Associated Press reported.

In a post on Facebook, the club passed on their condolences to her family, and described her as a caring mother.

If you cannot see the Facebook post above, click here.

:: Luca Russo

The 25-year-old Italian is believed to have been in the city with his girlfriend when the attack unfolded.

Mr Russo, from Bassano del Grappa in the province of Vicenza, northern Italy, was an engineering graduate, La Repubblica reported.

Italian prime minister Paolo Gentiloni tweeted about both Mr Gulotta and Mr Russo, saying that Italy will gather tight around their families.

:: Francisco Lopez Rodriguez

Spaniard Mr Rodriguez, who is reported to be from Lanteira in Granada, died at the scene after being hit by the van in Las Ramblas, his niece said on Twitter.

Raquel Baron Lopez posted a series of tweets in the aftermath of the attack as the family desperately tried to find him, but confirmed news of his death on Friday.

It is believed Mr Rodriguez was walking with four other family members at the time of the attack.


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