Someone turned into a resource for sexual assault survivors

A group that advocates for accountability in the United States Supreme Court has turned the website into a resource for survivors of sexual assault.

Brett Kavanaugh made it on to the court after an acrimonious Senate process in the wake of a claim he assaulted Stanford professor Christine Blasey Ford when he was younger.

On Tuesday, to mark his first day on the court, Fix The Court announced they had turned into a website called We Believe Survivors, which provides links and information that may be helpful to people who have survived sexual assaults.

A statement from Fix The Court executive director Gabe Roth read: “Three years ago, I bought a handful of URLs that I thought might be useful in any forthcoming Supreme Court confirmation battles. Included were, .org and .net.

“Today I am redirecting those three to a landing page with resources for victims of sexual assault.”

The move came the day after President Trump again made highly contentious statements about the allegations at a White House ceremony, apologising to Kavanaugh for a “campaign of political and personal destruction based on lies and deception”.

Roth went on to state her support for both Dr Ford and Anita Hill, who made accusations of sexual harassment against another Supreme Court justice, Clarence Thomas, back in 1991.

(Susan Walsh/AP)

“I believe Dr Ford,” she wrote. “I believe Prof Hill. I also believe that asking for forgiveness is a sign of maturity and strength, not weakness.

“Watching last night’s White House event and listening to the President again cast doubt on veracity of Dr Ford’s claims, while not hearing a word of contrition from the newest justice, was difficult for many Americans who have experienced sexual misconduct firsthand.

“Fix the Court stands with you. We believe you, and we support you. And if you seek additional resources, you can go to”- Press Association

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