Sky gazers are loving the first glimpses of the supermoon

If you’re looking up at the moon this evening thinking it looks especially large, you’re not wrong: this is your first glimpse of the incredible supermoon that will reach full maturity tomorrow night (November 14).

The lunar phenomenon occurs when the moon’s elliptical orbit brings the celestial giant closer to the Earth due to its oval shape.

Whilst they are fairly frequent astrological events, Nasa says a supermoon like the one that will grace our skies on Monday evening won’t be seen again until November 25 2034.

The moon will come into view shortly before 2pm on Monday, and it is expected to appear at its largest when it is closest to the horizon at sunset on Monday afternoon.

Monday’s sightings will mark the first full-sized supermoon since 1948, when it is expected to appear 14% bigger and up to 30% brighter than it does on an average night.

Here are some of the best snaps of the moon as it looked earlier today, at 98.8% of tomorrow’s full moon.

And if these weren’t spectacular enough…

Time to get outside and start looking for more views like this one…