Single ticket wins $758.7m US Powerball lottery

It has been confirmed a single ticket has won the Powerball lottery in the US - the largest ever to be claimed by one ticketholder.

The jackpot reached almost $758.7m (€643.6m).

The ticket was sold at a convenience store in Watertown, Massachusetts.

The chances of picking the winning numbers has been estimated at in 292.2 million.

With an average winning jackpot prize of $423m, the Powerball is the world's richest lottery.

This is the second biggest US lottery jackpot win in history, with the record currently standing at a whopping $1.6bn.

The last Powerball jackpot win was back in June, where one lucky person claimed a $448m prize after 19 rollovers. The win before that took just two rollovers before the main prize was claimed.

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