See shocking photos from the protests outside the Russian embassy

In a protest against the slaughter of Aleppo’s civilians, the Syria Campaign and Syria Solidarity UK dropped 800 adult and child-sized limbs in front of the Russian embassy in west London, as one activist locked himself to the gate and another bolted herself inside a metal structure.

Using the slogan Save Aleppo for their visually engaging protest, the campaigners said the plastic body parts represent the horrific injuries that are happening to civilians as a result of cluster bombs and air strikes.

In 2012, rebel fighters took control of eastern Aleppo, and forces loyal to president Bashar Assad have since been waging a major offensive to take it back.

Russian president Vladimir Putin, Assad’s ally, has been carrying out air strikes in support, leading to accusations from the West that Moscow is committing war crimes.

The bombardment of east Aleppo has come at the expense of the civilians still living in the besieged city, with rising death tolls and allegations of attacks on hospitals.

Bissan Fakih, from the Syria Campaign, said: “We are blocking the gates of the Russian embassy because their warplanes are killing so many families.

“They are shredding the bodies of little children with their cluster bombs and their missiles are falling into hospitals and rescue centres.

“Our message to the people of that building (the embassy) is that the people of the world are watching.”

She added: “We are making a point that Russia needs to stop its bombing of Aleppo.”

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