Sean Spicer claims he is 'one of the most popular guys in Ireland'

Sean Spicer, the former press secretary for American President Donald Trump, has said he is considering paid television appearances in Ireland and the UK.

Mr Spicer is reportedly also considering paid speeches, consulting and Hollywood productions, according to American news organisation Axios.

Mr Spicer officially left the role on August 31 and is said to be booked for his first speaking gig next week.

The article published today said Mr Spicer believes he can get much larger speaking fees than other former press secretaries, who collect between $20,000 and $30,000.

"He thought he was a much bigger deal than the others," an agent who met with Spicer told Axios. "His name I.D. is massive - he's obsessed with that. He kept talking about how everyone stops him for selfies - that's one of his go-to lines. It's true, by the way. It happened when I was talking to him."

Mr Spicer said he is not considering writing a tell-all book but may put together a collection of the lessons he learned in crisis management while working as chief strategist at the White House and Republican National Committee.


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