Sculpture considered too risque for Louvre gets public outing at Paris' Pompidou Centre

A huge sculpture deemed too obscene for the regal gardens of the Louvre Museum has found a new home at Paris' edgier Pompidou Centre.

The art work was unveiled on Tuesday in front of the Pompidou modern art museum.

The piece, made of cubical containers, suggests an abstract pair having sex.

Artist Joep Van Lieshout said his sculpture, titled Domestikator, is meant to represent the domestication of the Earth by humans and the evolution of robotics and big data.

The work was meant to be displayed during a contemporary art festival in the Tuileries Gardens, adjacent to the Louvre.

Pierre Bachelot of the Carpenter's Workshop Gallery that represents Van Lieshout said Louvre management "found it could shock" visitors.

Mr Bachelot said: "It's art, so you must open your mind."

Dutch artist Joep van Lieshout in front of his sculpture "Domestikator" displayed in the plaza outside the Centre Pompidou modern art museum in Paris. Pic: AP/Thibault Camus)


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