Roy Moore still refusing to concede 24 hours after Alabama election defeat

Roy Moore is refusing to concede defeat twenty-four hours after Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s senatorial election.

Donald Trump had stood by Moore, despite numerous allegations of child sex abuse, but after the election he congratulated Doug Jones on his victory.

Roy Moore released a video last night saying that more votes need to be counted.

Mr Moore said: "We have not received the final count including military and provisional ballots.

"This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the Secretary of State."

He referenced the values of the American founding fathers and criticised the current government saying it is out of touch with the people.

"Today we no longer recognise the universal truth that god is the author of our life and liberty," he continued.

"Abortion, sodomy and materialism have taken the place of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Doug Jones celebrates his victory in the Alabama senatorial election with his wife, Louise

Mr Moore doubled down on many of his beliefs which proved controversial during his campaign.

"We have stopped prayer in schools, we have murdered over 60 million of our unborn children, we have redefined marriage and destroyed the basis of family which is the building block of our country," Mr Moore said in the video.

"Our borders are not secure, our economy is faltering under an enormous national debt and we have a huge drug problem.

"We have even begun to recognise the right of a man to claim to be a woman and vice-versa."

He made a reference to the impact the allegations against him had on his campaign saying: "Even our political process has been affected with baseless and false allegations which have become more relevant than the true issues which affect our country."


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