Robber turned in by sons gets 40 years in prison

A judge in Springfield, Illinois, sentenced a bank robber turned in to authorities by his sons to 40 years in prison today.

Alfred “Al” Ginglen, 64, pleaded guilty in July to seven counts of armed bank robbery and two counts of carrying and using a firearm during a crime of violence.

He was accused of stealing nearly €60,000 (€50,643) from five small banks during a a nine-month robbery spree between November 2003 and July 2004.

Judge Jeanne Scott doled out the minimum sentence allowed.

“It’s very, very sad but it’s where we are,” Scott said.

Ginglen’s double life – which authorities allege included a girlfriend, drugs and prostitutes – started to unravel in August 2004, when one of his sons, Peoria police Officer Jared Ginglen, recognised his father on surveillance videos posted on a law enforcement website.

“There are no winners here today, the whole thing has been a tragedy for my family,” Jared Ginglen said after his father’s sentencing.

Alfred Ginglen’s three sons have said they have no regrets about turning in their father.

Ginglen’s attorney, Ron Hamm, has said Ginglen was a devoted family man and a good employee with a strong history of community service and no prior criminal record.

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