Prominent South Korean MP found dead amid corruption probe

A prominent liberal South Korean politician who was embroiled in a corruption scandal has been found dead near a Seoul apartment building.

Police believe three-term MP Roh Hoe-chan, of the opposition Justice Party, leapt to his death from the building.

Mr Roh had faced an investigation over an allegation that he received money from an associate of an influential blogger who was jailed in an online opinion-rigging scandal.

Mr Roh’s offices in Changwon (AP)

The allegation tarnished the clean-cut image of Mr Roh, a former labour activist who has long been a symbol for progress in South Korea.

Mr Roh’s death triggered an outpouring of sympathy from many South Koreans.

President Moon Jae-in said his “heart really aches” over “the sad news” of Mr Roh’s death.

The independent counsel investigating the rigging scandal, Huh Ik-bum, told a televised briefing that he felt distressed by the “tragic news” of Mr Roh’s death. Mr Huh said he respects Mr Roh and will pray for his soul.

- Press Association

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