Pope condemns violence in God’s name

Pope Francis has condemned all violence committed in God’s name during a visit to the United Arab Emirates.

He told an interfaith meeting during the first papal visit to the Arabian Peninsula that religious leaders must be beacons of peace and promote the dignity of all God’s children.

Francis warned that unless people of different religions come together to promote “concrete paths of peace”, the future of humanity itself will be in doubt.

Pope Francis attends an Inter-religious meeting at the Founder’s Memorial in Abu Dhabi (Andrew Medichini/AP)

He warned: “We will either build the future together or there will not be a future. The time has come when religions should more actively exert themselves, with courage and audacity, and without pretence, to help the human family deepen the capacity for reconciliation, the vision of hope and the concrete paths of peace.”

At the highlight of his 40-hour visit to Abu Dhabi, Francis also called for full religious freedom in the majority Muslim region, where restrictions are placed on non-Muslim expressions of faith.

- Press Association

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