Pictures of inside Notre Dame Cathedral this morning as fire is controlled

By Anna O'Donoghue

The fire that caused Notre Dame Cathedral to lose its tower spire and most of its roof, has been brought under control.

Flames and smoke rise as the spire of Notre Dame cathedral collapses (Dominique Bichon/AP)

Thankfully the buildings famous bell towers have been left intact but sadly a huge number of relics central to French history have been wiped out. Gilded candlesticks, artworks and furnishings were among the treasures seen being rushed to safety.

Franck Riester, the French culture minister, tweeted that “Major parts of the treasure #NotreDame are now safe at the Paris City Hall”.

French President Emmanuel Macron paid a visit to the scene yesterday, where he described the building as the soul of the nation. He also made a promise to the people of France that it will be rebuilt and expressed relief that ‘the worst had been avoided’ in a blaze.

400 firefighters fought to bring the fire under control, roughly nine hours after it broke out.

Police said no deaths have been reported, but authorities later confirmed that one fireman had been 'seriously injured' in an attempt to save the historic building.

This morning's pictures posted to Twitter, show the inside of the building, where the interior seems relatively untouched.

General view from the entrance of Notre Dame cathedral in Paris

Photos also show the main structure of the building on the outside felt untouched and most of the stain glass windows are still intact.

The Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris following a fire which destroyed much of the building on Monday evening.

Stained glass windows visible within the remains of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, following a fire which destroyed much of the building on Monday evening.

Firefighters continue to remain at the scene.

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