'Phenomenally successful' property tycoon pleads poverty in divorce case

A property tycoon embroiled in a divorce money battle in the UK with his estranged wife is pleading poverty, a judge has been told.

Andy Ruhan, 55, was a "phenomenally successful" entrepreneur, Mr Justice Mostyn has heard at a trial in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

A lawyer representing his estranged wife Tania Richardson-Ruhan, 49, said the judge would have to decide whether he had now "fallen spectacularly from grace" and had "nothing".

Mr Justice Mostyn is expected to analyse evidence and legal argument over several days.

He says the case will be overseen in public but limitations will be placed on what journalists can report.

The judge said he might make rulings relating to what assets were available before deciding how much Mrs Richardson-Ruhan should get following a marriage breakdown.

Both Mr Ruhan and Mrs Richardson-Ruhan were in court when the trial started today.

Andy Ruhan.

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