Parents of seriously ill Alfie Evans lose life support fight

The parents of a seriously ill little boy have lost a life support treatment fight with doctors.

Specialists at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in Liverpool had asked a High Court judge to allow them to stop providing life support treatment to 21-month-old Alfie Evans.

Alfie's parents Kate James and Tom Evans, who are both in their 20s, wanted treatment to continue.

Tom Evans and Kate James, the parents of 21-month-old Alfie Evans, arrive at the High Court in London to see whether they have won a treatment fight with doctors. Picture: Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Mr Justice Hayden on Tuesday in London ruled in favour of hospital bosses after analysing the dispute at a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in Liverpool earlier this month.

Mr Justice Hayden said he accepted medical evidence which showed further treatment was futile, adding that he had reached his conclusion with great sadness.

"Alfie's need now is for good quality palliative care.

"He requires peace, quiet and privacy in order that he may conclude his life ad he has lived it, with dignity," he said.

He paid tribute to Alfie's parents and to doctors and nurses at Alder Hey.

Alfie's mother left the court hearing before Mr Justice Hayden reached his conclusion and his father broke down as the decision was announced.

The judge had previously heard that Alfie, who was born on May 9 2016, was in a "semi-vegetative state" and had a degenerative neurological condition doctors had not definitively diagnosed.

Doctors said continuing to provide life support treatment was "unkind, unfair and inhumane".

Alfie's parents believe that he responds to them.

The judge had visited Alfie in hospital and has praised his parents and said they had tried to explore every avenue and leave no stone unturned.

Outside Alder Hey around 30 members of "Alfie's Army" were supporting the family's campaign as they awaited the decision.

Blue and purple balloons fluttered in the wind as they chanted, "Save Alfie Evans!"

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