Palestinian teenager accused of slapping Israeli troops held until trial

An Israeli military court has denied bail for a 16-year-old Palestinian girl, ordering her to be held until her trial on charges that she slapped and pushed two Israeli soldiers.

The ruling in the high-profile case against Ahed Tamimi was denounced by rights activists and her father, who said Palestinians cannot expect justice in Israel’s military court system.

Ahed Tamimi is brought to a courtroom inside the Ofer military prison near Jerusalem.

In the mid-December incident, captured on video, Tamimi is seen slapping the soldiers outside her West Bank home.

Her family said she was upset because a 15-year-old cousin had been seriously wounded by Israeli troops in stone-throwing clashes earlier that day.

Many Palestinians have embraced Tamimi as a symbol of resistance to Israel’s 50-year military occupation.

Senior Israeli politicians have called for prosecutors to be tough and make an example of the girl.


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