Pair rescued in Scotland after car swept from road during Storm Dennis flooding

Emergency service crews in Scotland rescued two people “just in the nick of time” after their car was swept from the road and pinned to a metal gate by a torrent of floodwater.

Specialist fire crews waded into the fast-flowing water in the Scottish Borders as Storm Dennis lashed down to save the pair from the “extremely dangerous situation” after a river had burst its banks.

Photos of the rescue and its aftermath show the Volkswagen Golf in a field, perpendicular to the Newcastleton road.

The two people were taken to hospital by paramedics after being rescued from the “perilous” scenario, but have since been discharged and were able to return home.

Swift water rescue technicians from Carlisle and Dumfries attended, alongside a water first responder crew from Longtown, with Carlisle East fire station posting details of the rescue on Twitter.

“Two casualties successfully rescued from an extremely dangerous situation where their car had been swept off the road and had become wedged against a gate in a field, by a nearby river than had burst its banks near Newcastleton,” it tweeted.

Explaining how the crews “waded into the water to set up a line rescue system to lower rescuers down to the casualties”, the tweets from Saturday night added that the pair were brought back to a waiting ambulance “just in the nick of time”.

It added: “Excellent work by all crews, who are all returning back to station safety, while the casualties are transferred to hospital via ambulance.”

On Sunday morning, the account shared pictures of the scene once the storm had passed, revealing the abandoned car wedged against the metal gate.

“A couple of photos taken now that the water has receded to show just how perilous the situation was last night,” the first tweet said.

“We have been informed that both casualties have now been discharged from hospital, and are now home.”

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