Mother pays teenager to kill her son

A young Russian mother has been jailed for 20 years after hiring a teenage killer to murder her 12-year-old son because of his unruly behaviour.

Olga Iliokina, 32, told the court in Orenburg in south-eastern Russia she was fed up with her son's constant refusal to do as he was told.

Russian daily Dni said Iliokina had paid €28 to the teenager to suffocate the child.

She decided to have him killed and promised to pay another boy from her son's school to kill the disobedient youngster.

When the body was discovered, the woman pretended to break down and cry, but later admitted her role when the teenage killer was arrested.

The 14-year-old murderer was imprisoned for nine years, while the mother herself was jailed for 20 years.

Pleading guilty she told the court: "My son never obeyed me, he was like a hooligan, and he was always stealing the family's money."

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