More than 90 killed in Libya clashes fuelled by crackdown on migrants

More than 90 people have been killed in weeks of fighting between Libyan militias in the city of Sabratha.

The conflict erupted in part as an unexpected consequence of Europe's efforts to halt migrants crossing the Mediterranean.

Libyan migrants.

Thousands have fled the city, according to the Red Crescent and local officials.

Fighting has also taken place inside Sabratha's landmark antiquity site, the 1,800-year-old remains of a Roman city.

Essam Karrar, the head of Sabratha Civil Society Federation said the death toll of at least 93 includes at least eight civilians.

The fight broke out in mid-September.

Italy has funded two militias in Sabratha to halt boatloads of migrants, which succeeded in dramatically reducing the flow but also sparked a backlash from rival militias, local officials say.

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