Meet the policeman who danced at One Love Manchester show 'to make people smile'

A police officer whose dancing with children at the One Love Manchester concert has touched thousands of people around the world said he was happy if it made people smile.

Pc Paul Taylor, 50 and a father-of-two, said he would not even class his moves as “Dad dancing”, but nevertheless, many people have claimed the clip of him hand-in-hand with youngsters was one of the highlights of the star-studded gig.

The 50-year-old was shocked that the clip of him at the concert has gone viral, and he has put up with some mickey-taking from colleagues, but he was proud to have been involved in the impromptu moment seen by millions.

Taylor was one of around 50 Durham Police officers sent to assist Greater Manchester Police colleagues at the concert.

He said several tearful and apprehensive girls who had been at the original Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, where 22 people were killed, had approached him on the night.

He said: “It was a case of reassuring them, saying we’re here to help them, here to protect them and hopefully it’s worked.”

Meanwhile, the love for this policeman continues to grow on the internet:


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