‘Mass panic’ as fire breaks out at London block of flats

A blaze at a block of flats in north London sparked “mass panic”, a witness has said.

Ten fire engines and 72 firefighters are tackled the fire in Dartmouth Park Hill in Archway.

London Fire Brigade said a second-floor flat was alight and around 50 residents had been evacuated as a precaution as well as around 20 people who were evacuated from adjoining flats as a precaution.

A witness said there was “mass panic” and neighbours could be heard “banging on doors and searching flats”.

He added: “The smoke was so bad I had to leave, the entire street was filled with smoke.”

The fire at a block of flats in Dartmouth Park Hill in Archway (@theprintersrow/PA)

The man, who did not want to be named, said he called the fire brigade before filming the blaze.

A video posted to his @Saintmayfair account on Twitter shows plumes of smoke coming from the block of flats.

LFB said the brigade was called at 7.56pm and fire crews from Holloway, Islington, Euston, Hornsey, and surrounding fire stations tackled the blaze.

The fire is now under control.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.

- Press Association

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