Man indicted over shootings of four people, including seven-year-old boy, in the US

A man suspected over the fatal shootings of a seven-year-old boy and three other relatives and a related non-fatal stabbing has been indicted in the US on charges including aggravated murder and attempted murder.

Twenty-three-year-old Arron Lawson was arrested on October 13 after a manhunt near Ironton, Ohio, just south of where authorities found the bodies in a house trailer.

A Lawrence County grand jury on Wednesday also indicted Lawson on charges of felonious assault, rape, kidnapping, corpse abuse, aggravated burglary, vehicle theft, tampering with evidence and failing to comply with a police officer's order.

Lawson is suspected of killing an adult relative, her mother and stepfather and her son and of wounding her husband.

The case could potentially lead to the death penalty.


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