Man freed after 30 years on death row hits back at prosecution

A man freed after nearly 30 years on death row in the US said the people who played a part in his conviction will have to “answer to God”.

Ray Hinton was released from Alabama state custody yesterday after prosecutors abandoned an effort to bring him to trial a second time.

Mr Hinton was convicted in the 1985 killing of two fast-food workers. The only evidence against him were bullets found at the crime scene.

Prosecutors said a new analysis could not link the bullets to Mr Hinton’s gun.

Defence lawyers had tried for nearly two decades to get the state to re-examine the ballistics evidence, arguing it would exonerate Mr Hinton.

Lawyer Bryan Stevenson said Mr Hinton’s conviction was a case study in what is wrong with the legal system.

Mr Stevenson said Mr Hinton encountered racial bias, was too poor to mount a rigorous defence, and was the victim of “bad science”.


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