Latvian Central Bank chief rejects claims after release on bail

Latvia's central bank chief has been released from detention on bail pending an investigation into suspected bribery, state TV reported.

The channel showed Ilmars Rimsevics speaking to reporters on Monday evening and saying he "rejects everything" that has been alleged about him.

A Latvian bank is accusing Mr Rimsevics of seeking bribes for years, abusing his power and being connected to individuals involved in money laundering from Russia, Associated Press reported.

Mr Rimsevics was detained on Saturday evening after questioned by Latvia's anti-corruption authorities.

The state TV quoted Mr Rimsevics' lawyer, Saulvedis Varpins, as saying that more information on the case will be provided tomorrow.

Mr Rimsevics is also on the highest policy-making council of the European Central Bank, which sets monetary policy for the 19 euro countries.

- PA



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