Latest: Masked gunman kills woman, injures seven others including self in US church shooting

Update 8.08pm: One person has died and eight others, including the shooter, have been injured in a church shooting in Tennessee, USA.

It is reported that the gunman shot a woman dead in the parking lot of the church before entering the building.

It is further reported that the gunman, aged in his mid-20s and wearing a ski mask, shot three men and three women inside the church.

He was confronted by a man who was violently pistol whipped, according to police.

The injured man went to his own car to retrieve a pistol before re-entering the church when the shooter then shot himself, according to several local sources.

All victims, including the shooter, were rushed to hospital.

According to reports, the identity of the shooter is known to police but his name has not been released.

Megan Barry, the Mayor of Metropoliton Nashville and Davidson County, said her "heart aches for the family and friends of the deceased as well as for the wounded victims and loved ones."

Update 7.02pm: Police have confirmed the death of one woman in a mass casualty shooting in a church in Tennessee, America.

According to police, the woman was found dead in the parking lot while six others were shot.

The gunman was also injured.

Update 6.44pm: Eight people, including the shooter, were injured in an American church shooting, according to Nashville Fire Department.

Those not injured in the "mass casualty situation" and are now in a safe location, while the area has been closed for investigation.

All of the wounded except for one are more than 60-years-old, according to officials.

According to police, one victim was "pistol whipped".

Earlier: At least six people are reported to have been injured in a church shooting in Antioch, Tennessee, according to local reports.

It is reported that police are at the scene of the shooting in Burnette Chapel Church of Christ. are reporting that police received calls describing multiple shots fired at around 11.15am local time.

Photo: Twitter/Nashville Police Department

The same website claimed Joseph Pleasant, a spokesman for Nashville Fire Department, said six to eight people were injured and are being transported to a local medical centre.

The severity of the injuries is not known.

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