Latest: Amsterdam airport incident 'nothing to do with terrorism', according to spokesman

Update 6.11pm:A man with a knife walked into the police service's office at an Amsterdam airport and threatened staff with a knife, military police say.

Officers at Schiphol Airport in the Netherlands shot the man in the leg and arrested him before transporting him to hospital.

The incident is not being treated as an extremist attack, spokesman Stan Verberkt said.

He said "the circumstances are telling us that it has nothing to do with terrorism".

The incident forced a brief evacuation of parts of the busy airport just outside Amsterdam.

It was not clear what effect the security situation was having on flights but parts of the airport behind the check-in area were not evacuated.


Update 5.30pm: Military police said the events are not being treated as a terror incident.

Earlier: The airport's main plaza was and remains evacuated after military police shot the man, who had a knife.

Schiphol Plaza, which houses shops, bars and restaurants, was evacuated but not the parts of the airport behind the check-in area and security checks, airport spokeswoman Roos van der Ven said.

Military police have shot a man after he threatened to use a knife at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.

The Marechaussee police service said the "situation is safe" and the suspect has been detained and removed from the scene.

Schiphol, just outside Amsterdam, is one of Europe's busiest airports.


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