Las Vegas: First of 50 victims named; more than 500 injured as FBI dismisses ‘ISIS’ claim

The first names of the victims of the Las Vegas shootings are starting to come through.

Nurse Sonny Melton, 29, who lived in Big Sandy, Tennessee, and worked at a nearby hospital, was the first victim publicly identified. His brother-in-law confirmed to the news station WSMV that he was killed in the gunfire.

His wife Heather said Sonny saved her life, grabbing her when the gunfire started. She said she felt the bullet hit his body, adding that through her shock and grief: “I can barely breathe”.

She said she wanted everyone to know what a kind man Sonny was.

“He saved my life and lost his,” she said.

Sonny and Heather Melton are believed to have been married just one year.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation reported that a 23-year-old British Columbia man, Jordan McIldoon, was also among the dead, according to his parents. Another concertgoer posted on Facebook on Sunday night that McIldoon had “died in [her] arms”.

“We only had one child,” McIldoon’s parents told CBC. “We just don’t know what to do.”

The New York Times also reported the death of Lisa Romero-Muniz, who was in Las Vegas with her husband Chris on a wedding anniversary trip.

An aunt of another victim Quinton Robbins confirmed his death on facebook. Kilee Wells Sanders said: " Everyone who met him, loved him...Please pray for his parents and siblings at this time.

"For those who are asking us how you can help. Prayer will be the biggest help. For them and the other victims and families."

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