Jeweller to make gold shoes fit for a queen

An Indian jeweller has been hired to make golden shoes for Jordan's Queen Rania Al-Abdullah.

The Calcutta jeweller, who wants to remain anonymous, has been asked to make two pairs of 22 carat gold shoes.

Each pair will weigh 750 grams and will be embellished with diamonds and topaz.

The Bengali daily newspaper Anandabazar Patrika reports the jeweller said: "The queen used to get her shoes designed in Peshawar but they were not made of pure gold, only gold threads were used on the leather.

"The shoes she wants now will be made from pure gold without leather or foam."

The newspaper says Jordanian officials had reportedly paid an advance of £34,468 for the job and the remainder, "a substantial amount of money", will be paid after delivery.

The jeweller says he has imported three kilograms of gold from London to be used in the making of the shoes over the next two months.

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