Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian woman in Tulkarem

Israeli soldiers have killed a Palestinian woman in the West Bank town of Tulkarem after she apparently ran towards an army checkpoint brandishing a knife.

Israel said it had fired warning shots first before killing the woman.

Meanwhile, in nearby Nablus, Israeli soldiers shot and killed a Palestinian man as he was driving his pregnant wife to hospital yesterday, according to Palestinian medics.

The man’s wife was lightly wounded by gunfire before giving birth to a baby girl.

These latest incidents come after Israel opened fire on a car carrying Palestinian parliament speaker Ahmed Qureia between Ramallah and Jerusalem yesterday.

Qureia was approaching an Israeli roadblock after meeting Yasser Arafat in Ramallah when seven bullets hit his BMW.

He was uninjured in the attack.

A statement from the Israeli army said Qureia’s vehicle had approached the roadblock at speed and soldiers, fearing it was going to hit them, fired warning shots.

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