Iraqi electoral commission open to elections review

The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq renewed an invitation today for international organisations and local political representatives to review the December 15 poll, saying they have nothing to hide.

An official for the commission, Safwat Rashid, said the independent agency that ran the Iraqi elections welcomed such a review and had nothing to hide.

“We renew our invitation for all international organisations and representatives of political entities, or anyone other party to come in,” he said.

He added that they can “evaluate what happened during the elections and what’s going on now. We are highly confident that we did our job properly and we have nothing to hide.”

Sunni Arab and secular Shiite groups have been pressing for an independent international organisation to review the elections for the 275-mmber parliament, claiming they were tainted by fraud.

The UN has refused and said through an officials that the elections were fair and should not be rerun in any district.

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